Policy Advocacy

Favourable government policies are indispensable catalysts in any national AIDS response. We also recognize the role unprogressive policies can play, hence in 2001,we went into developing advocacy strategies that would help reform certain policies that may impact negatively on our collective efforts towards addressing the national and global AIDS challenge. So much has been achieved in this regard.

These efforts are ongoing. Some of our success stories in this regard include:
  • Advocacy campaign on Access to HIV/AIDS Treatment
  • Mobilising Media Activism and Community Participation in Stigma Reduction
Microbicides JAAIDS
Workshop on science of HIV for journalists JAAIDS

Programme Support

The programme support unit provides administrative and financial support service the organisation needs to run efficiently. Aside ensuring effective and efficient management of resources the PS unit is saddled with the tasks of designing and implementing sustainability plans for the organizations projects.

Research and Communication

Our major assignment in JAAIDS is providing communications support and information resources that would help the national and global HIV/AIDS response. This makes research and communication the hub of our activities. Our projects are communications driven.

They are informed by the need to facilitate access to information, facilities and services on health/HIV while empowering people to utilise them for personal protection and national development. The JAAIDS research and communications unit is also responsible for in-house documentation drive The unit currently coordinates the following projects:

  • Annual Red Ribbon Awards on HIV/AIDS Reporting
  • Media Monitoring Service
  • Nigeria-AIDS website
  • Monthly Media Roundtable
  • Media Resource Centre on HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health
Nigerian Journalists Monitor, Counter HIV_AIDS Stigma JAAIDS
AIDS coverage improves in Nigeria, study finds

Training and Institution Building (TIB)

JAAIDS conducts several skills acquisition and capacity building training for the media and other relevant stakeholders whose involvement in our work are necessary catalysts for success. A majority of our projects incorporates some level of training. This unit is responsible for designing the content of these training based on the out come of a need assessment conducted on the target participants. The unit is also responsible for determine staff training needs and making appropriate recommendation inline with our human capital development culture.

Current projects undertaken by the units include:
  • Mobilising Media Project
  • Community Scale Up Project

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